Using Call Flip Options

The Call Flip feature in the RingCentral app lets you transfer or “push” a live call between your extension’s assigned call forwarding devices, including home phones, desk phones, and smartphones, without interrupting the call.
For example, you are about to leave the office but are currently engaged in a call using the RingCentral app in your desktop computer. You can initiate a Call Flip from your desktop app to continue the conversation on your mobile phone.
While in an active call:

  1. Click Call Actions.
  2. Select Flip.
  3. Select the phone number of the device where you would like to continue the call.

You can add or modify phone numbers that you can use with Call Flip in the Call Handling & Forwarding settings of your extension.

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Select Phone.
  3. Click Edit under the Extension Settings section.

Learn more about configuring your Call Handling & Forwarding settings: HERE!