Transferring Calls

The RingCentral app allows you to transfer a live call to another phone or extension of your choice. Follow these steps to transfer an active call:

  1. Click More.
  2. Select Transfer.
  1. There are two ways for you to add the number of the person to transfer the call:
    a. The RingCentral app automatically looks up contacts already in your contact list as you type. Select your preferred contact from the list displayed. You can also just type the complete phone number of the person you want to transfer the call to and click Dial.
    b. Click Recent calls and choose from the list contacts.
  1. Choose one of the three transfer options:
    i. Ask first – Ensures the receiving party is available to accept the call by allowing you to talk to them first. At this time, the original call is put on hold until you complete the transfer. When you are ready to transfer the call, click Complete transfer.
    ii. Transfer – Immediately completes the call transfer to the receiving party and disconnects the call on your end.
    iii. To Voicemail – Sends the caller directly to the Voicemail of the receiving party.

This option is only available when you are transferring to a contact within your organization’s RingCentral account.