Using RingOut Through The RingCentral App For Mobile

Using the RingOut feature has the RingCentral app connect your calls using your incoming call carrier minutes instead of mobile data or Wi-Fi. This is useful when you are traveling, and the Wi-Fi or mobile data connectivity is unreliable. Once enabled, RingOut has the RingCentral system call your indicated RingOut number first (this should be your phone number), then it automatically connects you to the phone number you dialed. Calls made with RingOut display the same Caller ID that you have set in the RingCentral app.

Initiating calls using the RingOut feature still requires internet connectivity.

Enabling the RingOut feature
Follow the steps below to enable the RingOut feature:

  1. Tap your Profile Picture and choose Settings.
  2. Tap Phone.
  1. Under Outgoing Calls, select Calling mode.
  2. By default, your calling mode is Direct dial. Choose RingOut to enable this feature.
  3. If no number is assigned to RingOut, tap Add RingOut number.
  4. Type in your RingOut number (your phone number). Make sure that the number you enter is an active number as this will be used to connect your RingOut call.