How to Register in the Self-Service Password Reset Portal

Enrolling in the Account Self-Service Portal


ECPI University has deployed a simple way for you to manage your access to a variety of University systems via a self-service portal. In order to utilize this convenient resource, you must complete a one-time registration at the portal site by following these easy steps:


1. Go to, add the page to your Favorites/Bookmarks, and click on “User Registration”


iForgot Registration 01


2. Complete the login fields by entering the user name and password provided to you by the University; then, select the domain for your campus from the drop-down menu.

- The majority of users will belong to the ECPIVAB domain.


iForgot Registration 02

3. Next, click "Login"


iForgot Registration 034. You will see a pop-up welcome message and the phrase “Enroll now to enjoy these benefits!”

- Click where it says "Click Here"


iForgot Registration 04


5. You should be redirected to the “Enrollment” tab (if not, go ahead and click it).

- Fill in all of the fields in order to register your security questions with their matching answers.

- When finished, click "Submit"


iForgot Registration 056. Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled and can now reset or change your own password for University systems such as:

- Canvas & Moodle

- E-Mail & Office365

- Citrix & XenDesktop

- Online Library


- Ensemble Videos


*** Note: Password resets for VCASTLE and the Student Portal ARE NOT ABLE TO BE RESET by the iForgot Self-Service system. If you forget your password to those two systems, you can reset them using the sites’ respective “Forgot Password” login option.



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