Office 2013 Subscription

ECPI University Student Advantage Program

ECPI University students no longer need to purchase their own copy of Microsoft Office 2013. Through our partnership with Microsoft Office 365 we are now able to offer Office 2013 free to our enrolled students through Microsofts Student Advantage Program.

Every enrolled ECPI University student is licensed for this free download on up to five devices which includes Outlook, Word, Access, OneNote, Excel and PowerPoint. This license includes the ability to install on PC, MAC and mobile devices.

The license will stay activated until such time as the student is no longer enrolled with ECPI University

Below are instructions on how students can download and view devices already installed with their Student Advantage (ProPlus) license:

Login to 





Click the settings icon at the top right hand corner of the window and select 'Office 365 settings'






Select 'Software'


Select 'Office'




Scroll down and select Install



Follow the prompts as provided. When asked to login to the application, enter the student login information.

To Deactivate a device:

Follow same directions as above except you will be interested in the following location on the software page



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