How to Access XenDesktop

Install the Citrix Receiver.




For Windows download it here:


Go to the folder you donwloaded the Receiver to.


Double Click CitrixReceiver.exe









Click an application or desktop





For Mac OS X 10.9 and up download it here: 


For Mac OS X 10.8 and earlier downloadit here:


The .dmg file appears in the Mac Downloads folder





Enter in your admin credentials










Type in your StudentID and password 




To access the XenDesktop in your web browser:

Once the web address has been accessed, a login page will be presented

1. Enter your User name (student id)


2. Enter your password:


  •  Inseat Students: Enter the password you use to log onto your campus computers to access XenDesktop.


  • Online students: Enter the password you use to log into Canvas with.


3. Select Log On
The first time you access the XenDesktop URL using Internet Explorer, FireFox and Safari, you are presented with two options:
Option 1: Install the full Citrix Receiver (Recommended). Check the Citrix license agreement box and select the install button.



Once installation is complete, the Applications and Desktop page will appear.


Option 2: If the Citrix Receiver installation fails or if you prefer not to install the Receiver, the HTML 5 Receiver can be used. Due to changes in Google Chrome browser, it will only work with HTML 5. There is no installation of any software required. However, you will need to use an HTML5 capable browser.


HTML5 Browsers:

Internet Explorer 10 and 11

Google Chrome 36 or later

 Mozilla Firefox 31 or later

 Safari 6 and 7 

Once you log into the site using Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari, instead of selecting install and the license checkbox, select log on.   Google Chrome will bring you straight to the Apps and Desktops page. 


Once you have logged in using any browser, the Citrix Main page will show two tabs:

Apps and Desktops

Select Desktops to access XenDesktop images for your course.
              Your course shell will state specifically what XenDesktop image should be used.
Select apps to use Microsoft and other applications.

Important Note: If you are taking a course shell that specifically designates that an assignment be completed using Microsoft Office in a specific XenDesktop image, use the images located in the Desktop tab to access Office. They have been designed to meet the specific needs of your course.

Desktops Page

Once you select the Desktops tab you will be presented with your assigned XenDesktop course images. If your account is associated with more than one course or software image, all will be listed on the Desktops page.



Access a specific desktop by completing the following steps:

1. Select the XenDesktop image required for your course assignment. This will be identified in your Moodle/Canvas shell.

2. Click your class XenDesktop.

3. The XenDesktop will open in a new browser tab as seen below:


Inside XenDesktop, you can click the Receiver from the start menu to access Office 2013 Applications. No credentials are required.

Complete Assignments using XenDesktop

Complete assignments in the XenDesktop by the following steps below:

1. Open the Internet Explorer browser to access Moodle/Canvas.

2. Navigate to the Moodle/Canvas course assignment page you will be working on during your session.

3. Follow the assignment instructions found in the Moodle/Canvas course. Assignment instructions will specify what tasks must be completed.

4. In some instances you will be required to download files from a course page. You may download these files and save them to the virtual desktop’s H drive. Keep in mind the files saved on the H drive will remain with your XenDesktop account even after your session is over.

Submit Assignments using XenDesktop

     When a file is ready to be submitted to an instructor, complete the following steps:

  • Within the XenDesktop, open the Internet Explorer browser to access Moodle/Canvas.
  • Navigate to the Moodle/Canvas course assignment page where you will submit the assignment.
  • Follow the instructions for the assignment components that must be uploaded to the page. When submitting the created file(s), use the upload feature to navigate to the XenDesktop H drive or the Desktop folder. Select the file you would like to submit. 


When you want to end your XenDesktop session follow these steps:

  • Select Start
  • Select Log Off
  • Do not select Disconnect to end the session. 

For technical help. 

  • Email:
  • Call: 1-866-369-6728

ECPI Help Desk Support Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8 am - 10 pm ET

Friday: 8 am - 5 pm ET 

Saturday: 9 am - 5pm ET

Sunday: 4 pm – 10 pm ET


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