General XenDesktop Troubleshooting

General Troubleshooting

Problem 1

You cannot download and/or install the Citrix Receiver

  • You must have administrator or installation rights on the computer you are using in order to install the plug in.
  • You must activate Active X to install the plug in. When given the option, select Run ActiveX Control.
  • Browser settings may need to be adjusted – See the Help Tab on the main menu or contact Support: (p) 1-866-369-6728 


Problem 2

Your XenDesktop or application does not have a personal H drive when you select My Computer. 
Contact Support: (p) 1-866-369-6728 

Problem 3

You do not know your account name and password. 

  • Contact Support: (p) 1-866-369-6728 


Problem 4 

You cannot login with your account name and password. 

  • Contact Support: (p) 1-866-369-6728 


Problem 5

Your XenDesktop or application is frozen.


  • Select Logoff from the main menu page, log back in and then re-select the image.
  • To do a hard reboot, if Restart is available, select Restart <Course Code>.This option shuts down the virtual desktop and restarts it. This is similar to what happens if your actual computer locks up or freezes. 
  • Contact Support: (p) 1-866-369-6728 


Problem 6 

Once you select your course from the XenDesktop menu, an error message is returned.

Log off, sign in, and select the course again.

  •  If an error message is still returned, contact Support: (p) 1-866-369-6728
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