How to Configure Java to Use in VCastle

1. Open the Java Control Panel.

  • In Windows XP, Vista, and 7, click Start -> Control Panel -> View by small icons -> Java.
  • In Windows 8 and 10, click Start -> type the word Java -> select Configure Java
  • In Mac OS, Click Apple Icon -> System Preferences -> Java.



2. Click the security tab, and make sure “enable java content in the browser” box is checked.  Also make sure the security is set to the lowest level (high).



3. Click on “edit site list”




4. Click “add”.





5. Enter the full URL of the VCastle site you are accessing and hit OK



6. You will be presented with a security warning.  Hit “Continue”.



7. Hit OK to close out of the Java Control Panel.




Close and reopen your web browser, and try accessing VCastle again.

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