What is ECPI Student Web Hosting Policy?

ECPI Student Web Hosting Policy


General Outline of our Policy:
50 MB of Web space will be available for all web sites.
FTP access will be available to directly modify web pages.
Each student’s web address will use http://studentweb.ecpi.edu/campus/studentid as the URL structure.
Hosting of the following files types is not allowed.  If you would like to host these file types, a formal request must be made with justification.


    * Executables (EXE, VBS, BAT)

Site content:

Only web coursework / class projects are to be hosted on your website; i e. no content of personal interest or illegal activity. The web publishers for a web site are responsible for maintaining the content of the web site. Student websites will be deactivated 3 months after the student has graduates or immediately for non-graduating students who are no longer actively attending. We reserve the right to deactivate any student’s web site. 
Support team access and monitoring:

It may be necessary for the Information Technology Services to examine system logs and other records to resolve system problems. The ITS reserve the right to access any accounts directories to investigate and/or resolve system problems

In addition, the Information Technology Services will cooperate with legal authorities in investigating claims of illegal activity including but not limited to illegal transfer or use of copyrighted material, postings, or other illegal activity.

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