HughesNet Customers Not Able to Access Canvas

Recently, we discovered an issue with HughesNet customers not being able to get to any page within Canvas from their computers, but the app from mobile would work fine on the same network. We found out through Canvas, and HughesNet, that this was due to a setting within the modem/router that HughesNet provides. If you're experiencing issues attempting to get into Canvas, then follow these simple steps. 


NOTICE: These steps vary on the router model you have, you can find this on the back of the router, usually on a bar code sticker.  


For GEN4 Modem customers:

1. Open any browser and go to (Router credentials may be needed, you can get these from Hughes Net if you do not know them)

The page should look like this:

2. Click on the gray "i" icon just to the right of "System Information". 

3. On the left-hand side, select Web Acceleration, which will bring you to this screen:


4. Untick the box at the bottom and click submit. 

5. Restart your computer. 

6. If you are still unable to access Canvas, please contact HughesNet immediately.


For HN9000 modem customers:

1. Go to the your HughesNet System Control Center at www.systemcontrolcenter.comor 
2. Click on the icon next to “What do these controls mean?” Taking you to the advanced pages. (See graphic #1 below.)

3. On the Advanced Menu, click Turbo Page, then Control, and then Enable/Reset. (See graphic #2 below.) You’ll have to display the Enable/Reset control to disable the feature. Once this feature is fixed, you follow the same process to re-enable your Turbo Page feature.

4. Click Disable and then click OK. (See graphic #3 below.)

5. Verify the TurboPage Server is Disabled by -

6. Again, go to your HughesNet System Control Center at www.systemcontrolcenter.comorhttp://

7. Click on System Info. (See graphic #4 below.)

8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the TurboPage value. It should read “Disabled.”(See graphic #5 below.)


If you are still unable to access Canvas, please contact HughesNet immediately.

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