How to sort emails?

Outlook 2003

From within Outlook, click the View tab and choose Arranged By.

Choose how eamil will be sorted. 






To sort by currently displayed field options, click on the title of the field to sort by




You can also add specific filters by clicking on View - Arranged By - View Settings - which brings up the Adanced View Settings. 


From Customize View: Messages choose Filter...



There are many options here for you to filter messages by for the displayed folder. One choice in particule that may be helpful while cleaning your mailbox is to sort from a specific date/year. To do this:

  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • Click the Field button with the down arrow 
  • Choose Frequently used field
  • Choose Received





From the new window that appears, employees will see the filter option is now Received. Click the down arrow inder Condition and choose on or before. you can then enter a date to sort by. This will show all emails in the current folder received either on or before the date that is set. 

Employees can obviously go through these same steps and chose other options to filiter by in order to lost emails in a different way in order for them to look through them and remove any no longer needed due to either resolved issues or out of date. 















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