Create Packet Tracer – XenDesktop

Creating a NetAcad Account

The first time you open Packet Tracer on your PC you will see a Cisco Networking Academy login screen. You can create a Cisco Networking Academy account, which is free. If you log in using the Cisco Networking Academy account the system will not ask you the next time you log into Packet Tracer.

If you already have a logon skip to page 4.

To create your logon go to the full site HERE! make sure you use the Chrome or Firefox browsers and not Internet Explorer or Edge.

Click on Courses and select packet tracer

Click on the button, Enroll to download Packet Tracer

Click on Sign up today!

Fill out the form to create a account

Open Packet Tracer and fill in your email and password from your account. Take a screenshot before clicking the login button.

The system may automatically log you in each time you use packet tracer or you may need to enter your login and password each time you use the system each day depending on how your system is configured