Configuing Your Extension’s Call Handling & Forwarding

Users can configure where to receive incoming calls in the RingCentral online account. Calls can be forwarded to multiple endpoints where you want them to be answered. Extensions can forward incoming calls to their Desktop & Mobile App, desk phone, or a third-party phone number. Note that you may need permission from your account administrator to edit Call Handling & Forwarding settings.

  1. Access My Extension of your RingCentral Online Account.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Call Handling & Forwarding.Click
  4. User Hours.
  5. Toggle the Active switch of the appropriate destination you want incoming calls to be forwarded.

These are the locations that you can forward your calls to:
Desktop & Mobile App — You must be logged in to the RingCentral Phone Desktop or Mobile app to receive the forwarded calls.
Desk Phone — Receive the forwarded calls on the desk phone set up by your administrator. Home, Mobile, and Work Phone Number — Add up to 10 forwarding numbers for each of your extensions and set calls to ring sequentially or simultaneously.
Another Extension Within Your Company — Forward calls to the desk phone or softphone of another user.

  1. Set the number of rings for each phone and forwarding number on the list.
  2. Select the order or sequence of your call forwarding numbers.

• Simultaneously — call rings on all forwarded phones at the same time. Ringing to some devices may be delayed due to different networks.
• Sequentially — call rings on forwarded phones in sequential order. You can drag and drop the row of the respective forwarded phones to change their sequence.
user Hours After Hours Settings Custom Rules

  1. Click Save.

Setting up call handling and forwarding for after hours

After Hours call handling takes effect after your extension’s User Hours. If your schedule is set to 24/7, you will need to set specific User Hours before you can define After Hours call handling settings. There are four options to handle your calls during After Hours:
Send callers directly to voicemail – routes the caller to your voicemail following the extension’s After Hours settings.

i. Select Send callers directly to voicemail.

ii. Click Save.