CIS126 Dev ++ And Flowgorithm

In your CIS 126 and CIS 126L Classes, we are now using Flowgarithm for flowcharts and Dev++ for your programs. Both of these programs are available through your XenDesktop.
Please follow the instructions below to access both.

  1. Login to XenDesktop with your login credentials.
  2. Click on Desktops.

3. You should see Microsoft Visual 2015 – click on this icon

  1. The virtual window should now appear
  2. If Dev++ and Flowgorithm are not shown in this virtual window, please continue working through these instructions.
  3. Click on the “start” icon on the bottom left hand side

7. Look for Dev-C++ and left-click to open it.

8. When launched the first time, you’ll need to configure. Select English. Click Next

9. The default fonts are fine. Click Next.

10. Click OK to begin using

11. To enter C code in this course, you’ll need to begin a new Source file. In the menu, select File  New  Source File

This will open a code window, where you may begin entering C code. Your instructor can advise you where to save your files.

  1. Right click on the Dev++ on the Taskbar, and click on “Pin to Taskbar”

13. Perform a new search and search for Flowgorithm

14. Right-click on Flowgorithm and click on “Pin to Taskbar.”

15. Both programs should now be saved to your taskbar and easy to open when needed