Checking Out and Checking in Documents

SharePoint OnPrem Checking Out and Checking Documents

1.  Open Internet Explorer and access the SharePoint site.

2.  Hover your mouse cursor over the document you with to edit and click the drop-down icon that appears, select Check Out.
Note: This example shows an Excel spreadsheet.

This will lock the file for editing by you and will prevent others from saving edits to the file or checking it out themselves.

3.  Then click the same drop-down menu again and select Edit in Microsoft Office Excel to make edits to the document.

4.  When you are finished editing the file, save it, and then use the same drop-down menu to select Check In.
Note:  It should default to auto-save to the SharePoint library where the document is located.

5.  Chose the appropriate options on the Check In screen that appears next. The defaults are fine for this particular document. Click OK.
Note:  Make sure you select the radio button next to No under Keep the document checked out after checking in this version?

6. The document will now be available to edit by others.