Access VCastle

Log into VCastle with your assigned username and password.

You will be prompted to change your password.

Enter an email address (optional).

Set your time zone. It should already be correct.

Click “understood” to acknowledge the message about settings.

Click “New Lab Reservation” if you want to schedule a lab.

Click on a lab to reserve the pod. THE LABS AVAILABLE TO YOU WILL VARY BASED ON WHAT CLASS YOU ARE TAKING. Alternatively, you can click the dropdown arrow under “action” and preview the lab or show the lab topology.

Choose the block of time you would like to use to complete your lab. To begin your lab immediately, click right below the red line.

On the next page, choose your end time and then hit submit.

Hit OK.

To begin your lab, click “Enter Lab”.

The pod will initialize and may take a few minutes depending on which class you are taking. After it finishes it will bring you to the topology page. AGAIN, THE TOPOLOGY WILL LOOK DIFFERENT DEPENDING ON WHAT CLASS YOU ARE TAKING

Click on any of the icons or the VM labels (highlighted) to access your virtual desktops. Click on “content” to access the lab instructions. Each tab has a dropdown with various options like below.

You can undock your VM or lab instructions which will put them in a separate window. You can also scale the display from the window which will adjust it to match the window size

To end your reservation, click the “reservation” dropdown menu in the upper right and select “end reservation now”.